Hello readers,
Today, when I was selling sth to popstar_girl10, she told me that Stardoll didn't let her to buy a bag from my bazaar. Isn't it strange? She received a message like " You've already bought 5 items from starbazaar today. Please try later". WHAT? What's happening with Stardoll? First, the bazaar open for all and the posibility to sell only 10 items in bazaar and now that...
What do u think?

Btw, I also received some days ago a message from Stardoll:
"OMG!!! mollyglam21992 found the coolest club of the year - Fred the Movie! Join it and tell five of your friends to have an exclusive gift from the film sent to your Suite."

I think this message it's a little bit strange. I mean...I've never seen a message from sd with "OMG" or "Join a club..".
What do u think?

Thanx ^.^ Lipstick's Splendor Stuff.

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