In holidays...

Hey readers. I wanna tell you that we won't be so active cuz we are going in holidays to Turkey and
Czech Republic.

Well, have fun.


New Graphics

Heeeeey ;x
My day was so boring, I was thinking about our magazine, and I released that I haven't made graphics for weeks.

Here they are:



Chanel Bag


Some hours ago I was looking for some new bags for my collection, when I saw a CHANEL TRIBUTE bag which isn't in the shop.. Maybe it will appear in another Chanel collection..
We don't know exactly, but it's nice, right?

Thanx for attention,
Lipstick splendor

New KOHL's Items

Hii Followers. We remarked new items on KOHL'S shop.
Take a look :


Super Supreme- Limited Edition

Hey guys. As you saw, it's a new limited edition shop on starplazza. Right now the sale is over...
But anyway, take a look at the stuff:



Free Prom Dress

Free Prom Dress

We've absolutly forgoten about the Free Prom Dress! I think that you already know about it, but here are the informations about how you can get the free dress.


> Find your User iD (Go to My Account>Account Settings)

> Copy and paste it where it says “#” in this link in your address bar:


> When the page loads up, Fill the boxes with Fake Info if you wish.


> Click “Submit” and when the page loads, Go to stardoll & You`ll find the dress in your suite!

Free Poster


Just click HERE and join the club.


Lipstick' Splendor


Lipstick's Splendor Magazine ...

Heeey guys. In some days we are going to post our first magazine! Awesome, right? We are so excited..
The magazine will appear on this and on another blog. Click HERE to see it.

Have a nice day ^.^

Lipstick's Splendor

Free World Cup Poster

Lipstick' Splendor


Hey followers. Here are some spoiler which are going to appear on Starplazza. Some of them are Hot Buys.

Lisptick's Splendor


Hey followers. Here are some new spoiler which are coming on Stardoll.

Here they are:



New SS Hairstyles

Hey. What's up? I think you already
know that, but on stardolla are new SS hairstyles.
It's hard to see them in Google Chrome,
use Mozzila Firefox, it's easier ;D


News on stardoll

Hey. Here are some news from stardoll. [ new shops; new clothes etc.]

Summer offert: Stardoll is selling Pals with outfits and new dolls for 20 or 70$
New Miss Sixty Collection. Now,on starplazza, are two great summer collections.
Check them out ^.^

The new dot isn't more beautiful than the other one, but the black eye shadow is great.
The dot lipsticks don't look very well, they're dark, not so good for summer. But anyway, they contain a lot of style.

Thanx for attention.
With love, Lipstick's Splendor


Hey Guys! Welcome to out new blog. Here you will find competitions, opinions about fashion, style and other interesting things.
I love fashion, who doesn't?! Don't forget our motto: " Fashion fades, style is forever"

See you soon when we'll post other things, maybe about stardoll, stars or fashion.

....xoxo Lipstick's Splendor