Stardoll Global


by Lipstick Splendor.blogspot.com

Propably one of the most intresting and promising projects i heard lately.

From the official blog:
"Global Fashion is a fashion driven trip to a different country around the world every week. Each week a different country will be presented and followers and staff from all over the world can participate in many different ways by showcasing those countries specific fashion styles & trends.

With SGF you will learn about the trends and cultures of each country around the world. You will know what trends are in and out, the amazing world of SGF brings you many events, contests, shows and much more. Now the Stardoll users can participate in each week representing their country, It's time to represent our countries in SGF and tell how amazing are your cultures and fashion.
The amazing thing of this is that you'll learn many things like the Fashion of other countries, styles, trends, culture and much more."

I saw today that the first country was chosen (BRASIL) so all the fun starts...be sure to stay tuned on Stardoll Global Fashion and why not...be a part of it....

V isit here: http://sdglobalfashion.blogspot.com/

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