Fashion POLICE

Fashion Police

Who will be arrested? Again ?!

Hellow dear followers.

Welcome to our Fashion POLICE.

Wanna be arrested? Don’t try, it’s horrible.

Made a covergirl? No…

Maybe a DKNY collecter? No.

Maybe a usual gir? Not really.

Our week arrested girl is Blue.Bloom.

Let’s take a look at her outfits :

As you saw, the first outfit is a little….GOSH, please forgive me! The mascara

is scaring me, and all the make-up is unusual for this girl.

The second outfit it’s... great! The dress, the jacket, the tights, the bag,

the MAKE-UP…Aww yes, it’s cool.

Good job Blue.Bloom!

Who will be the next arrested girl? Maybe you!

If you send us 2 outfits on tinypic, showing us 2 types of style and glamorous. Try to be original, but don’t

Get down with this.

(c) Lipstick Splendor

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